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Our Activities


Your community-based, independent, non-profit organisation.

Our Services & Activities

Community Work

Tawfiq launches its own community work activities, in addition to joining with other partners.


We provide role model and mentoring services for the youth to prepare them for leading a decent life after school.


We organise workshops during school holidays to help the children learn through a different setting.

Open Lectures

We invite guest speakers to talk to the students on subjects that are of high importance for them.

Travel Info

Tawfiq provides a number of welfare activities for the community.


Sports and physical activity generally play a significant part in the education experience for many kids at TM&C.

Our activities

Below you can read about our community
oriented actitivies.

Da’wah & Admission

Boys and girls from the age of 5 to 20 are eligible to enrol in the Madrasah. Please read the following:

Language of instruction:
English is the language of instruction at Tawfiq Centre. However, your child may be taught other languages (such as Arabic and Somali) based on the curriculum that we put in place.

Class Shifts
You can choose which shift that suits you depending on availability.

Wedmesdays & Thursdays5pm8pm
Saturdays and Sundays
6 hrs / week
Saturdays and Sundays
6 hrs / week

Important Books

  1. Textbook based on the level of the child
  2. Exercise books
  3. Homework diary

Admission requirements

To get your admitted to Tawfiq Centre, you have to:
Fill in the admission form

As the demand is high, we serve the community on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will call you once we have a space for your child.

Madrasa Terms – Dates

Updated term-dates for 2021-2022 will be published once ready.


Tawfiq Centre uses a modern syllabus and prepared materials on different subjects for the various stages.

1. Quran القرآن
2. Islamic studies الدراسات الإسلامية
3. Arabic language اللغة العربية
4. Somali language اللغة الصومالية 

Parents Relations

At Tawfiq Centre, we are working hard to improve the relationship we have with the parents. To make sure smooth relations with parents, we do the following:

Assemblies: We welcome parents to attend the Assemblies at the beginning of every Centre session. During the Assembly, we encourage children to participate – either by making presentations, answering questions or by reciting and performing themselves.

Monthly Progress Report: We are working hard to improve the quality of our reporting on student progress to let the parents know how their children are doing at Centre. We have developed a monthly report that better fits our students’ needs and share with parents.

One-to-one meeting: In a quarterly basis we arrange a one-to-one meeting between teachers and parents to discuss the progress the children are making based on the monthly progress report. In addition to that, parents are most welcome to ask for an appointment with a teacher.

Parent Day: The Centre also holds a Parent’s Day every year so that the parents are able to discuss the progress of their child with the teacher. The children are encouraged to attend this with the parents so that altogether they can discuss how the child is doing at the Centre. Further to this, a report is written for each child at the end of the year – following the exams – detailing the child’s achievements during the year. This also allows for feedback to be given to the administration regarding the way in which the Centre is run.
If a parent has any concerns or questions about the Centre generally or about their child specifically, they are encouraged to contact the administration and arrange for an appointment.

Absence Alerts through SMS:
We alert parents when their children are absent from class without permission. This is to make sure every child is accounted for. 

Looking for consultion?

Get in touch with us for a free advisory call!